Speed, hygiene and thermal qualities make rapid rise doors perfect for food and pharmaceutical environments.

Rapid Rise doors (also known as High Speed doors) are normally manufactured from heavy duty polyurethane. They are purpose built for all types of environments from freezer use or supermarket areas to pharmaceutical uses and are installed to help with the following:

  • Temperature loss when door is opened
  • Building / department segregation
  • Security between areas
  • Hygiene areas
  • Environmental issues such as fume control

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Rapid Rise Industrial Doors Rapid Rise Industrial Doors
Rapid Rise Industrial Doors

Fast And Effecient

Rapid Rise doors can open and close at up to two metres per second and can also be installed in conjunction with a standard roller shutter for exterior application where high levels of access are required during working hours.

Rapid rise doors are engineered to mechanically operate intensively at high frequency use, i.e. many times a day. The speed of operation means that the doors are open for the minimum time. They are designed to detach at the seams in the event of a collision and just press together in order to reseal, ensuring repairs are kept to a minimum.

Free Site Survey

All installations are subject to a technical survey. DRS will be happy to provide a free full survey of your business premises and your access requirements as part of our quotation.

DRS can comfortably cater for all your Industrial door needs. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the automatic door installation and maintenance industry you know that your entrance will be in the hands of experts.

Our Services

At DRS we provide a comprehensive service, taking care of every aspect of your rapid rise door installation along the way.