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June 16th 2016


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We have previously explained in our blog about the importance of a well-kept shop front. In the same way that your home might have ‘kerb appeal’, so does your business and in many cases the customers will have made an impression about your business before they’ve even stepped in the door. With so much involved in running a business, we understand that the state of your premises’ exterior can often be quite low down on the priority list – though taking just a few moments to maintain it could make all the difference.
It may be that your shop front is missing some fixings, the paint may be beginning to peel or the awning is torn and stained. However minor the faults may seem, they all add up to build a picture in the mind of your customers – after all, if that is how you maintain the exterior of your business, they may be mistaken for expecting the same inside.
Your shop front should engage with passing customers, not scare them away. By taking the time to ensure your shop front is clean and well maintained, you can give passers-by the best possible first impression.
Creating a Stylish Entrance
At DRS Doors we provide a complete shop front installation service – helping to create a stylish entrance to your business that will entice people inside.We have a choice of materials available, allowing us to create a design which fits seamlessly with the look of your property and those around it. You can choose from:
  • Glass: Popular with office based businesses and retail units, our fully glazed shop fronts offer a clean, modern and low maintenance finish.  
  • Aluminium: The ability to cut and shape this material to fit just about any configuration makes our aluminium shop fronts incredibly versatile. With an extensive choice of colours, powder coated finishes and paints from which to choose, the possibilities are almost endless. 
Our experienced team will undertake a full survey of your premises, before consulting with you to prepare a design that meets your needs. Each design is carefully manufactured using the latest computer aided design (CAD) software, before being fitted our own team of professional installers – leaving you with results which exceed your expectations.
If you would like advice on refurbishing your shop front, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0845 226 2823 or drop us an email to hello@drsdoors.com.

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