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September 9th 2016


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Successful advertising hinges on your ability to influence people and one of the most powerful ways of influencing people is through colour. From the design of your logo and branding to the presentation of your shop front, your choice of colour can go a long way to influencing customers’ emotions and behaviour.
The Institute for Colour Research said:
“Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone”
So if you are in the process of planning your shop front, it is definitely worth putting consideration into your choice of colour. Here are just a few examples of what your shop front may be saying to potential customers as they pass by:
Green is a secondary colour associated with brands such as Tropicana, Spotify and Starbucks. It has associations with wealth and will often be used in stores to create a sense of relaxation. 
Red is a colour which always evokes strong emotions and is found to encourage appetite and passion. Associated with brands such as McDonalds, Coca Cola and Nintendo, it is commonly used to target impulsive shoppers and for that reason can often be seen used in the promotion of discounts and sales.
Blue is one of the most popular colours for branding. It has been adopted by a broad range of companies – from technology giant Facebook to food and drink brands such as Pepsi and Oreo. The colour is associated with water and peace, and has been found to create a sense of security and trust in a brand.
The primary colour yellow is commonly used to attract the attention of customers. Adopted by the likes of Ikea, DHL and Shell, it increases feelings of cheerfulness and warmth while stimulating mental processes.
If you want to stimulate feelings of warmth and excitement, consider the colour orange. It is another colour used to target impulsive shoppers and can regularly be found in calls to action.
Purple is a colour commonly associated with royalty and represents wealth, success and wisdom. It has been adopted by brands such as Yahoo, Hallmark and Wonka, and gives customers the impression of a creative, imaginative and wise brand.
Of course, it is important to remember that colours can have a different significance in different cultures. What could mean something positive in one part of the world could mean something completely different elsewhere – so always do your homework and understand your target audience!
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